Friday, January 8, 2010

How to get the new project running

  • Checkout all 4 projects under ...stallion/apps/seattle in your workspace (as single projects)
  • Set JBOSS_HOME to your JBoss installation
  • Make sure JAVA_HOME is set
  • Create oracle user infinity/infinity and grant all rights (via web portal)
  • run build.xml target: installApp
  • This script
  1. -copies database and jms config to JBoss dir
  2. -copies db driver to JBoss dir
  3. -creates jackrabbit repository folder C:\umbroot\tools\jackrabbit\repository
  4. -copy jackrabbit files to JBoss
  5. -changes JBoss port to 8081
  6. -creates the audittrail
  7. -builds and deploys seattle ear
  8. -starts JBoss
  • Wait till JBoss is started
  • Afterwards the application should be accessible via http://localhost:8081/seattle/processPortal
  • Now run target "initializeApp"
  • This script
  1. -deploys the model
  2. -Creates users with role "Voter"
  3. -starts event and timer daemon

-Larissa Werlein-

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